What are the prices of your competitors? What discounts do your dealers offer? To answer these questions, Incidence has developed an Automotive industry sales conditions benchmarking analysis.

The Automotive industry sales conditions benchmarking analysis (automobile barometer) developed by Incidence is a price comparison for the automobile sector.

It offers you an overall, yet accurate view of the sales conditions offered by the main market players but also of the discounts offered by car dealers.

This tool allows Incidence to collect the actual prices offered throughout the year in the market’s main segments.

Baromètre des conditions automobiles

Here is how it works:

  • You select the relevant segments and we standardise the demands per segment:
    • A/B1: Urban or small city cars
    • B/B2: City cars
    • C/M1: Small family cars
    • C/MA Plus: Multi-purpose vehicles
    • People carriers
    • D/M2: Mid-size family cars
    • Small sport utility vehicles
    • Sport utility vehicles
    • Large sport utility vehicles
    • Light commercial vehicles
  • For each segment, we collect (through mystery shopping and real customers) and analyse the sales conditions of the models in the segment
  • You select the number of price offers you want per model (minimum 2)
  • You select B2C or B2B offers with financing
  • You select the period(s) at which you want to obtain our price comparison. There are 4 standard periods of data collection:
Period of the barometer

You can select several subscription options:

  • Complete standard programme (4 waves of price comparisons)
  • Car show/exhibition
  • By wave (one of 4 waves)
  • Ad hoc collection period

The results of the price comparison are as follows:

rapport baromètre
Graphique EN

To receive an example of a detailed report, feel free to contact Incidence.

We will answer you as quickly as possible.