Desk research consists of collecting, analysing and compiling existing and available information on the subject to be studied. Our market research company will support you in any desk research project you may have.

The objective of desk research is to obtain an overview of the market that you are involved in to allow you to create the first building blocks of your strategy:

  • identification of players,
  • positioning of players,
  • identification of products,
  • identification of potential clients,
  • benchmark of the competition,
  • benchmark of prices,
  • market intelligence,

This research also often serves as a first step in market surveys as it allows you to define the problem and put it into context.

Unlike qualitative or quantitative surveys, desk research does not generate data but focuses on existing data (also known as secondary data). It therefore allows you to analyse the market, its limits and its main players at a lower cost.

recherche documentaire, étude documentaire, marché

Which methodology does Incidence use in its surveys?

Incidence collects data during desk research through many sources:

Directories and professional databases

General and specialised press

Websites, white papers, etc.

Academic papers

Professional associations

Interviews with professionals of the sector

Why choose Incidence for your desk research?

Incidence has extensive experience in desk research and particularly in market intelligence.

Do you plan to undertake desk search?

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