Mystery shopping is a very effective way to assess customer experience. Incidence can assist you in setting up your mystery shopping project.

Mystery shopping is a real quality audit of your business. It is an effective tool for assessing your sales process and that of your competitors and complements customer surveys.

The great advantage of mystery shopping is that it provides you with a detailed evaluation. Unlike clients interviewed after their experience, the mystery shopper can assess a whole list of criteria during his/her visit. The results of a mystery survey allow you to analyse in detail each step of the customer's experience (reception, sales pitch, purchase, ‘thank you and goodbye’ phase, etc.) and to highlight areas for improvement.

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Which methodology does Incidence use in its surveys?

Incidence offers different types of mystery shopping techniques :

Mystery shopping

To analyse the customer experience at point of sale, test the sales pitch, etc.

Mystery calling

To assess the telephone welcome, the quality of answers from the helpdesk, etc.

Mystery mailing

To evaluate the response time, the quality of answers to email questions, etc.

Mystery web

To assess the customer experience on your website, with your chatbox, etc

You can combine these different types of mystery shopping by setting up a project that responds precisely to your needs.

Mystery shopping: who is it for?

All companies wanting to assess the quality of their services, ensure compliance with sales guidelines or understand their customer experience can set up a mystery shopping project. You can also carry out quality audits of your main competitors to benchmark your customer experience.

Why choose Incidence for your qualitative surveys?

  • For our expertise: Incidence and its partners have been conducting mystery shopping projects for more than 15 years.
  • For our operational reporting: The customer experience is broken down into stages to allow you to carry out efficient quality assessment.
  • For our extensive network of investigators: Incidence has an extensive network of investigators throughout Belgium and we can respond quickly and efficiently to all your requirements.
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Planning on setting up an audit of your business or a mystery shopping project?

Incidence can to help you :