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The study of a potential project is particularly important for an entrepreneur. It makes it possible to assess the project’s profitability and decide on its future through detailed data analysis.

Entrepreneurs must know if they are on the right track, if their project has a chance to succeed and become profitable or if there is room for improvement. They must identify the key elements in the creation of their business plan and a market survey is often a necessary step when asking the bank for a loan.

That is why Incidence has developed two tools for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Each tool corresponds to a different period in the launch of a business and meets different objectives:

During the development phase


The QUALIStart analysis is carried out at the launch of the start-up, when the project is not necessarily finalized, and entrepreneurs are looking for a cost-efficient solution to assess the potential of their idea.

Real terms, the objectives of QUALIStart are as follows:

  • Fine-tuning the start-up concept,
  • Suggesting changes based on respondents’ feedback,
  • Testing the originality of the idea,
  • Testing sales arguments
  • ...

When the project is well defined


The QUANTIStart analysis is undertaken when the project is well defined, and entrepreneurs want to assess its profitability. This survey specifically dedicated to start-ups is particularly relevant when writing the business plan and can support entrepreneurs in their negotiations with investors.

The objectives of QUANTIStart are as follows:

  • Assessing the project’s potential for success,
  • Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the concept,
  • Identifying customer profiles,
  • Defining the psychological price of the concept,

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your project and plan a QUALIStart or QUANTIStart survey to assess its potential.