Customer experience analysis allows brand and event managers to put themselves in their customers' shoes and identify areas for improvement.

Incidence is a market research company specialising in conducting surveys linked to event organisation. Incidence has created 2 solutions for event organisers and exhibitors.

Customer experience analysis

Why analyse the visitor experience ?

Storytelling survey

Undertaking a storytelling survey before the event allows you to collect relevant and unique information to promote your event. In practical terms, the results of this study can serve as the basis for press releases and press conferences. Incidence can also draft press releases and organise press conferences.

Storytelling really works !

You can find below some examples of press articles created from our storytelling surveys:

Customer experience surveys

Customer experience surveys focus on three main objectives:

  • Identifying the profiles of your customers or visitors, as well as assessing their experience of the event
  • Analysing the motivation and satisfaction of the visitors at a trade show, shop or event,
  • Identifying actual areas for improvement to enhance the customer experience at upcoming trade shows or events

Incidence can undertake customer experience analysis in situ, i.e. at the exit of the event or online if the visitor's details are available. Incidence has a network of bilingual interviewers specialising in conducting surveys at events. Incidence can also set up stand-alone survey terminals.

Storytelling survey

All market research surveys carried out by Incidence are tailor-made for our clients. We will be happy to discuss your market research project with you.

Thanks to its extensive experience in conducting surveys for trade shows, Incidence is the ideal partner for your storytelling surveys or to analyse your customers’ experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.