A qualitative survey involves interviewing a small number of people through an in-depth questionnaire. Incidence is a market research company that can conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews on your behalf.

Qualitative studies help understand the 'Why' of consumer behaviour and their decision-making process. The objective of a qualitative study is to observe trends and provide insights into understanding them.

A qualitative survey can be a preliminary step to a quantitative survey or can be undertaken independently. Qualitative studies have the following objectives, to:

  • Understand and structure the market (how does the consumer perceive it?),
  • Identify any problems,
  • Understand the 'Why'
  • Test a concept (project managers can find more information here).

Which methodology does Incidence use in its surveys ?

Incidence uses different methods to undertake qualitative surveys :

Face-to-face interviews

Face-to-face interviews allow us to identify the consumer's feelings about an issue. They allow for an in-depth analysis of how each respondent perceives these issues.

  • Incidence is supported by an extensive network of interviewers in Belgium,
  • Thanks to this vast network, Incidence can set up field surveys within a very short space of time.

Focus groups

Focus groups provide top quality information by encouraging exchanges between participants.

  • Incidence has dedicated rooms to carry out these focus groups in the main cities in Belgium,
  • Focus groups of 3 to 12 people.

Online focus groups

Focus groups can also take the form of an online forum.

Why choose Incidence for your qualitative surveys?

To obtain a quality survey with actionable results, it is essential to undertake each stage with the utmost care (from the creation of the questionnaire to the interview and the analysis of the data). All these different stages are rigorously supervised by Incidence; our experience and our numerous references guarantee you the utmost quality at every stage of the survey.

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