Whatever your question Incidence can help you

Quantitative surveys are a valuable tool for understanding the characteristics of a market. Incidence is a market research company that can conduct surveys, satisfaction and quantitative surveys on your behalf.

Quantitative surveys aim at better describing and understand the behaviour of your targets through numerical data. Among the different types of market research, quantitative surveys use questionnaires. These surveys are conducted with a representative sample of your target, or the general population.

Whatever the application of your quantitative survey, audience measurement, product launch, satisfaction survey, etc., Incidence can design a survey tailored to your budget.

Which methodology does Incidence use in its surveys?

Incidence can offer you the most suitable methodology for your needs:

Telephone surveys (CATI)

Incidence has long-term partnerships with call centres in Belgium and abroad

Internet surveys (CAWI)

Incidence has the most powerful tools for conducting online surveys.

Face-to-face surveys with tablets

Incidence is sup-ported by an extensive network of interviewers in Belgium

Postal surveys

Postal surveys allow you to reach even more respondents

Why choose Incidence for your quantitative surveys?

Even today, in the digital age and the globalisation of information, quantitative surveys still require rigorous discipline as the relevance and reliability of the results of your survey or study depend on a variety of factors: quality of the sample, design of the questionnaire, reliability of the analysis...

Our company ensures high reliability of results thanks to:

  • Proven expertise in sampling surveys in any sector: retail, automotive, service industry, etc.,
  • Proven methodology in designing questionnaires, from the creation of questions to the validation with a pre-test,
  • Our expertise in data analysis and interpretation is recognised by our loyal customers.

Each client is unique. At Incidence, we custom build our questionnaires and offer a survey methodology specially adapted to each project.

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