The brand image and notoriety surveys developed by Incidence enable you to conduct a competitive analysis of the entire market in which you and your company are active..

The notoriety survey is a quantitative survey that your brand can use to better positions itself and analyse its position in relation to its target audience and its competitors. Assessing a brand's notoriety is based on a competition survey and an analysis of the industry in which the brand is active. A notoriety survey is often combined with a brand image survey.

A brand image survey helps a brand identify how it is perceived. This market research also highlights the most attractive elements for the general public and your customers. The competitive analysis of the results makes it possible to compare your strengths and weaknesses with those of your competitors. A brand image survey also gives you the opportunity to generate a perceptual map of the market in which you are active. This perceptual map allows you to analyse your industry and identify the way in which the market is perceived, the position of the main market players and the potential opportunities for development. This analysis is an effective tool to help you find future customers.

Industry analysis

Why a brand image and notoriety survey ?

When combined, brand image and notoriety surveys are an effective tool to better position your products and your company, as well as helping you define your communication strategy:


You will be able to identify your brand’s notoriety and understand the profile of the audience who knows you best or least.


You can analyse the attractiveness of your brand.


You can assess your ability to turn prospects into actual customers.

All market research surveys carried out by Incidence are tailor-made for our clients. We will be happy to discuss your market research project with you.

Incidence has extensive experience in conducting brand image and notoriety surveys.

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