Our values

To help you find the answers to your questions and assist you in implementing effective solutions to reach your objectives

Incidence acts as a mirror for :

  • Reflects your project;
  • Helps you look at your project as objectively as possible.

Guarantee of quality

As a member of the international network ESOMAR, Incidence is committed to complying with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.

Cube is all about market research

Incidence is a member of CUBE (Consumer Understanding Belgium, previously Febelmar), the Belgian association of market research companies.

The market research process consists of a series of steps and quality control checks that can be presented in the form of an iceberg with a visible and an invisible side :

Analyse _ terrain en
  • Selection of moderators and recruiters;
  • In-depth briefing of all participants and interviewers;
  • Transparent access to our field supervisors;
  • Qualified and experienced moderators trained in qualitative research techniques;
  • Strict criteria defined with you for the selection of respondents;
  • Survey questions carefully crafted by our team and approved by you;
  • Debriefing after each discussion group;
  • Supervision by a manager through the entire process;
  • Vertical and horizontal analysis of all qualitative research;
  • At least an extra 5% of the sample interviewed;
  • Cleaning of data in 4 steps :

1. Virtual analysis of the results matrix
2. Production of a first hole count
3. Cleaning of incomplete and inconsistent data, etc
4. Production of a second hole count