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Behavioural surveys can be used to study the purchasing behaviour and consumption habits of your customers and prospects.

These behavioural surveys qualitatively and quantitatively assess the consumption behaviour of all customers in a market. They allow you to analyse the behaviour of your customers but also to highlight the differences in the purchasing behaviour and consumption habits of your competitors’ customers.

Why a behavioural survey ?

Behavioural surveys provide analysis at different strategic levels. Each level corresponds to questions and potential areas of improvement regarding your products or services:

Customer need analysis

Identifies the  elements that structure customer demand, their most important needs.

Do your products and communication strategies meet these needs?

Purchasing process analysis

Duration of the process, number of players engaged with...

When do customers engage with your brand? How to increase engagement?

Consumption habit analysis for the product/service

Consumption times, consumption patterns...

Is your communication strategy in accordance with usage? Are there potential synergies with other products or services?

Behavioural surveys can be conducted independently or to complement customer satisfaction surveys or brand image and notoriety surveys.

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